Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, November 7, 2008

More MotionView

Hello Again.
I have been trying to do this Cam Shaft and Follower thing since a week, got the glitches out finally and the thing worked!

Monday, November 3, 2008

थोड़ा MultiBody Dynamics

Hello people !
Just as a usual timepass, I made this MultiBody Dynamics (MBD) model.
Let me spread ग्यान about MBD.
Those who did the CATIA/Pro-e course in the college might know this assembly.
Well I went a step further with it and made it into a simulation using Altair MotionView.
For those who don't know CATIA or Pro-E (yet) or anything to do with CAD/CAE:
These components were drawn and assembled on the CAD software CATIA and saved as an IGES. Then imported in Altair HyperMesh (pre-processing module in Altair HW) and meshed with element size 15. Using a special trick (which is unrevealable here, took time to work it out, बोलेतोह I am still learning, समजा? ), the meshed model was brought into MotionView (MBD module in Altair HW). Joint relationship was established between components, a motion to the shaft was given and there we are, this is called putting जान in a बेजान model !
Hope you liked it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Congratulations: Take a bow Sir!!! A career spanning 2 decades, (bat)tling the expectations, the pressure and the criticism. And when you consider the rate at which children are born in India, the number of people expecting him to perform everytime, increases every second. For someone who has gone through all this pressure and more, numbers seem to be insignificant but nonetheless they just testify the class of Sachin Tendulkar, God to his fans, terror for the opponents, role-model of many a youngsters, motivator in the dressing room and yet a quintessential boy next door. Congratulations Sachin Tendulkar

Postcards from Mohali - 17th October 2008.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Farewell - 2010 viewings

Hey people of Mech07'
Where has everyone dissappeared, why has this blog stopped getting its regular feed of posts....कहा छुपे है सब के सब ? सामने आओ !!
OK... मत आओ ! सब लोग busy है !!
well, this post was just an update about our Farewell video, it has touched 2010 views on YouTube. Yeah I know, you guys must be sneaking in your cubicles during lunch break and viewing this video twice everytime you start it....!!
Comeon people, post something about your self....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vanilla Sky

“That every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around.” -Sofia Serrani (Vanilla Sky).

Just got up watching this movie on my laptop, after an entire 2 weeks of designing an engine for my Power Train Module. Vanilla Sky is the most awesome movie i have ever seen after Being Cyrus. It takes courage to make such a movie. What did i learn from the movie? Well, the answer is in the first line of this post, yeah, everything in your life is because of you want it to. You want to study? well, there you go…you are studying and you got your engine…..You want to earn money? lots of it? there you go…you are a millionaire…..its in our hand people, its our decision, we write our own story and no one else. I believe this blog has never been so philosophical, but thats the way it is this time, living alone most of the time can make your brain work (rather faster), cause you have your brain to your self. Being alone is a double sided coin…..what rubbish, all coins have two sides….yeah i know but its just to mention its significance….I don’t like being alone ALL the time, but i have realized that it helps living in a hostel. Well, for that matter I am alone only when i am in my room, in the kitchen, i am with everyone, cooking, eating dinner together. Living away from home has made me think myself, no strings, no harness, to go deep into some theory….thats why I was able to design my engine, my very first vehicle engine !! The old habit of asking why has woken up again. I remember my professor in undergrad college say…the happiness of knowing something is greater than anything else, you should always ask “why”. I am experiencing that bliss, that happiness…….or is it …..happYness??
Bye for now

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adhoc Fried Noodles

Heres a recipe for you people, try it, its not that difficult, and its not thermodynamics or rocket science!

  1. cook spaghetti in boiling water for 12 minutes
  2. heat oil in pan
  3. put chopped garlic in heated oil
  4. add chopped onion
  5. add pepper (capsicum)
  6. any other vegetable which u might find suitable
  7. add the spaghetti to all this
  8. Italian Passata sauce, or tomato puree with onions and garlic paste
  9. add salt to taste
  10. may be soya sauce, if u wish to
  11. garam masala, a little
  12. cook well

I have named it adhoc because i didn't go in the kitchen with a mindset of making fried noodles. It was just simple boiled spaghetti in sauce which i had in mind, i just happened to chop onions and put oil in the vessel, to try something new ! sometimes, boredom makes me cook awesome dishes.
And i am not putting up a pic of this because its adhoc, u might get a different colour, so don't get dissappointed, its adhoc, off the cuff!!